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About 7 years ago, after living the backpacker life for about 2 years, I knew... 

I was living my life around work and couldn't wait to get through the 5 days of slaving away and enjoy the weekend. The weekend consisted of at least one late night with too many drinks and a day of 'recovery', in other words sleeping in and binge watching my latest TV show obsession.

I started to get ideas of a healthier life, but just couldn't wrap my brain around how and where to start. Everyone around me was enjoying this 'amazing' lifestyle so why would I change anything? 

Until that one day I walked down some steps and felt my sides wobbling down with me in slow-motion. That was the exact point I realised my body did not reflect the person I am within!

Do you know this feeling of looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking

'how did I let this happen'?

Over the last 7 years I managed to change my life around and I can't wait to share my findings with you!

I have tried and tested so many things. I have failed many times and fallen back into old habits, but I reckon I have now figured it out and am living my best healthy life.

Would you like to know how you can change your life around?

To share my tried and tested ways to get fit and feel amazing I have started Online Fitness Coaching. Anyone from anyone in the world can sign up and receive private one-on-one Fitness Coaching by me.

We will start with a Skype call to have a chat about your current situation and issues. From here I will work out a plan for you and guide you along the way.

Is this Online Fitness Coaching for you?

It's a big yes if,

- You know you have to change something in your life but don't know where to start

- You have tried a few ways to get fit but nothing has worked

- You have no one to support your fitness journey (let it be me!)

For $50 per week (minimum 10 week plan) I will guide you to a happy and active life!

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or feel free to send me an email on if you have any questions.