Intermediate 4-Weeks to Swimfit Program

Intermediate 4-Weeks to Swimfit Program

Are you excited but also scared to get (back) into the pool? Let me help you through the first 4 weeks with loads of tips, drills and sessions!


This program is designed to help you get in the pool, or get back in the pool after a break away from swimming.


We will take this opportunity to go back to the basics with some of my favourite drills and slowly build up you technique, strength and endurance.


You will receive 3 swim sessions per week (12 sessions in total) which I prepared to slowly ease you (back) in the pool and make you feel amazing!


I also share with you my favourite drills to get the basics of swimming right. 


After these 4 weeks you will feel happy & healthy and you will have lots of inspiration for future swim sessions.


This is the Intermediate Program which features sessions starting at 1km building up to 2km.


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