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4 Reasons to start adult swimming lessons

Over the years I have thought many adults how to swim. Some from the very basics of putting their head under water and some just needed a bit of stroke correction to feel better in the water.

No matter what your level of swimming is we can all benefit from some swimming lessons! Luckily swimming in Port Douglas, Queensland does not resemble any of your childhood memories of swimming lessons in a hot and stinky indoor public swimming pool full of screaming kids.

Instead we are lucky enough to swim in a beautiful outdoor pool in Northern Australia, surrounded with swaying palm trees and balmy temperatures all year round.

I bet many locals have driven passed the QT Lap Pool along Port Douglas Road many times and dreamt about how nice it would be to just swim a few laps. I also know that unfortunately this thought is shadowed by a lot of (self)doubt as well; ‘Can I still swim?’, ‘Will I just emberrass myself?’, ‘Do I still have swimwear that suits me?’.

There is so many reasons I would like to encourage you to break through these moment of self doubt and start your swimming journey in a pool near you. There might be a Masters Swim Group you can join or start with some private swimming lessons to get your confidence up. We will work out a time together that suits you and the pool will be nice and quiet.

Read on for 4 reasons why you should start swimming in Port Douglas:

1. Being able to swim with your kids… with confidence!

If you are raising kids in Australia there is a very high chance they love to swim! In your backyard pool, the creek and of course the ocean. (For a list of great spots to swim in Port Douglas click here) They are having swimming lessons and are happy to jump in the pool, but do you find yourself sitting on the sideline wishing you could do the same? In only a few swimming lessons I can teach you the basics of swimming which will boost your convince to have a play with your kids in the pool or the ocean!

2. Experience the Great Barrier Reef

We are lucky enough to live right next to the Great Barrier Reef. In only a quick half hour boat trip you could be snorkeling or diving and exploring the most beautiful reef in the world. Have you been putting this off because the thought of jumping in the ocean is too much to handle? Knowing that you can swim can make the difference and enable you to experience this amazing underwater world. Even though there is options for non-swimmers to experience the Great Barrier Reef, getting up close and personal with Nemo and his friends is done best by being in the water with them!

3. Swimming for health reasons

The number one reason I get for adults wanting to learn to swim is that they are advised to head to the pool by doctors or physio’s. Swimming is great for people with sore backs, aching joints and weight problems. Exercise in the water increases the resistance and at the same time is low-impacts on joints. But where to start if you’ve never had a swimming lesson in your life? Swimfit Group Sessions are great for beginner to advanced swimmers looking to have some fun in the pool. Many adults think of swimming as boring, but I’ve got a few tips for you to make it more fun - click here! Or if you’ve never learned to swim in your life it might be a good idea to book a few private swimming lessons in Port Douglas to start of with.

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4. A refreshing way to get fit

Port Douglas, Queensland is a beautiful place right in between the Daintree Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef. With beautiful weather in Port Douglas all year round. Beautiful weather for a holiday doesn’t always been great conditions for an outdoor workout though. Especially in summer the higher temperatures combined with the humidity makes it too hot for a run, walk or bike ride, but a swim in summer is beautiful! Swimming laps is a great start for a workout, but there is so much more you can do in the pool to make it a real workout. In Swimfit we swim all the different strokes and I always come up with fun and exciting workouts to keep things fun and push you to swim faster and further than you ever thought you could.

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If you found yourself in any of the above reasons to start adult swimming lessons in Port Douglas, click here for Adult Learn-to-Swim information.



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