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Free exercise in Port Douglas

Port Douglas is such a beautiful place to relax next to the pool with a cocktail in your hand, enjoy lazy days on the beach and lavish seafood dinners.

The problem with the above mentioned ways of living it up in Port Douglas is that you will probably not feel that happy and healthy after a little while.

If you want to get healthy, fit and happy for free in Port Douglas keep on reading!

Please don't get me wrong, there should definitely be time spent next to the pool or on a sun lounge on the beach, but I've got some great tips and tricks for you to be the healthiest version of yourself all for free!

Sunrise walks or runs on Four Mile Beach

Set your alarm clock for about 5.30am (please check the sunrise times for the time of year) and get yourself to the beach. There is nothing better than seeing and feeling the first sunlight of the day coming up over the ocean.

If you're an avid runner a run down Four Mile Beach is a must have on your Strava account! Four Mile Beach is, despite its name, about 4km long from the most northern patrolled side down to the south side where Pullman Sea Temple Resort is located just off the beach.

Even on a cloudy day a beach walk along Four Mile Beach is the best way to wake up in Port Douglas.

Flagstaff Hill Walking Track

This new walking track in Port Douglas take you from the northern end of Four Mile Beach to Rex Smeal Park with a side track up to the the Flagstaff Hill Lookout overlooking Four Mile Beach.

I think it's fair to say that the Flagstaff Hill Walking Track is one of the most scenic tracks in Australia with views over the Coral Sea, Daintree Rainforest and Four Mile Beach. Watch the boats go out to the Great Barrier Reef in the morning or wave to the people on the sunset cruises in the afternoon.

It doesn't matter what time of day you walk this track, it is beautiful... and pretty dam hard! Besides the many steps there is also a few steep hills (one extra since it's fixed in the start of 2019). Don't be fooled, the Flagstaff Hill Walking Track will definitely take your breath away!

The Flagstaff Hill Walking Track is about 1.5km from one side to the other, or a 3km return journey with the extra track up to the lookout and good shoes are recommended for an enjoyable experience.

Swim on Four Mile Beach

The balmy Coral Sea is a beautiful place for a swim all year round. Jump in a for a relaxing float or go for an awesome Port Douglas ocean swim along Four Mile Beach.

In summer the stinger net will keep your safe from the box yellyfish and is about 50m wide, perfect for a few laps.

In winter there is 2 red/yellow and 2 yellow buoys that create a perfect square box shape to swim around with 1 lap being about 500m. Be warned though that the current/sweep usually runs from right to left (when looking out to the ocean from the beach) so swimming in a southern direction can be challenging on a windy day.

It is probably a good idea to have a chat to the Lifeguard or Lifesaver on duty before heading out to get an update on the conditions and to let them know you're out there.

Bump Track

Mowbray Valley, about a 15 minute drive from Port Douglas has a beautiful but challenging uphill battle called the Bump Track. This is definitely not for the faint-hearted and a good level of fitness is required to tackle this track.

A sort description on how to get to the Bump Track: Turn left towards Cairns when driving out of Port Douglas, turn right into Mowbray at the Big4 Caravan Park sign. Keep following this road until you get to a split in the road with the left option going up hill, don't turn that way but follow the road straight on. After about 1km you will see the entrance of the Bump Track on your left side. Or... Just put Bump Track in on Google Maps and it'll take you there!

It is 2km from the start of the Bump Track to the first lookout with a bench, another 2km to the creek and another 2km to Black Mountain Road. The creek is absolutely beautiful! Make sure you tae some time to have a look around and take it all in.

Ride your bike around Port Douglas

Port Douglas is a great place to get around on a bike, with bike/foot patch and no big hills, there is actually no better way.

The summer months might be a bit too hot and sweaty to enjoy a ride around town, but during winter from about May - October it is perfect for a bike ride in Port Douglas!

Because Port Douglas is not very big there is really no excuse to to take the car into town. Grab your bike instead and get some exercise on your way to lunch.

I hope this blog has given you some ideas on free exercise options in Port Douglas. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via the contact form.




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