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5 Steps to use inspiration to achieve your personal goal

Are you feeling inspired by all the amazing athletes competing in the 70.3 and Ironman Cairns on the weekend? Let's use it to help you reach your own personal goals. When the going gets tough we will use this inspiration to get you through. Read on for 5 steps on how to use this inspiration to reach your personal goal!

Usually we feel inspired for a few days before we just keep living our lives as we know it. Instead I would like to challenge you to work through the below steps and make most out of this renewed and fresh inspiration you are feeling right now.

Step 1. Write down what made you feel inspired

Think back about yesterday and what moment(s) made you feel so inspired. Was there a specific person you saw achieving their goal, or a moment you realised you want to go out and achieve yours? Write it down or if you have a photo of this moment make sure you save it. This will help you to get through the tough times on your journey.

Step 2. Figure out your personal goal

You watched the athletes swim, bike and or run and you might even have seen them finish. It is hard not to feel inspired by these superstars. But of course we don't all have the same crazy dreams as these triathletes and lucky we don't have to either!

Take a moment to imagine you crossing a finish line or reaching a specific goal... what would this race or goal be? What would make you feel so amazingly proud of yourself, just like the people finishing their race on the weekend with their arms in the air and tears in their eyes.

A good goal should scare you!

Your goal should scare the living daylight out of you right now, that's when you know you've got the right one. If you are able to complete your goal tomorrow or in a couple of weeks, dream bigger!

Step 3. Do your research and get planning

Get on the computer and find out everything there is to know about your goal race. When is it, where, what does it cost, the exact distance(s) and how to physically get there. Write it all out and create a timeline working back to now. Make sure you pick an event that is at least 6 months away. If you're thinking about something earlier, you can use this as a milestone along the way but find something bigger, better and scarier further out.

Make a list of everything you will need to complete the race, thinking about specific gear, travel and of course fitness. If it all seems a bit much, just remember the people you saw race on the weekend didn't get there in a few days or weeks. Break it all up on little bits and create milestones for the end of each month. So maybe the first month you will find out where your local pool is, how much entry is and if there is a squad or group you can join. This will make you feel like your goal is achievable.

Step 4. Build your support team

Achieving your big scary goal is not something you can do by yourself, you will need people around you to help and support you. Not only does this massively higher the chance of you completing your goal it also makes the journey a lot more fun!

Support to think about are coaches to improve your skills, friends to train with and family members to help you through the tough times. Let them know about your goal, this will make it real and hold you accountable.

Step 5. Get started

Now the fun starts! Remember:

You don't have to be great to get started, you have to start to become great.

Everyone has started somewhere, no one just woke up one day being able to complete and Ironman. The first run, the first swim, the first ride.... take it all in and enjoy it. If you keep training consistently you can only get better, things will get easier and you will see big improvements. This is the wonderful thing about starting something new, you will see massive improvements at the start of your journey. Don't get disheartened when the improvements start to plateau a bit, this just means that you are not a beginner anymore!

The key to achieving your goal is consistency. Do all the right things each day, week and month and you will achieve your goal and moment to be proud of.

I would be so excited to be part of your support team! If you need any help please shoot me a message and I'll be happy to have a chat.





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