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Speed Session #188

We start this speed session with 1km, 600 or 300 meters of easy choice warm up. Feel what your body needs and give yourself a chance to get ready for a speedy main set. Some ideas might be to start with a bit of easy Freestyle, mix in some other strokes, a few short 10 strokes sprint, some sculling drills to improve your grip on the water, whatever makes you feel good.

In the main set we first start with a few 50's or 25's of which only the first or last half is fast. Short sprints really help you to find your speed. Go hard, knowing you have some easy swimming to recover. We finish the main set with 6 or 4 x 50 or for the beginners it's 4 x 25 Freestyle Sprint. Go for the same speed as the shorter sprints and hold on for dear life for the second half!

To cool down, we go for an easy bit of kicking and choice to finish the set for today. Have fun!

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