10-Week Swim Your Way

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The Swim Your Way to 1.5K or 3K Program will help you smash your race in only 10 weeks!

Have you signed up for an ocean swim or triathlon or are you thinking about registering? Let me help you prepare for race day both physically and mentally.

With this 10-Week Program you receive 3 Swim Sessions per week which will help you improve your technique, endurance and speed.

We all know that a good race requires mental preparation as well, so every week you will also receive a tip to build on your mental strength and confidence.

You will be so excited to compete come race day!

Choose from the 2 programs below:

Swim Your Way to 1.5K - to prepare you for races between 1km - 2km

Swim Your Way to 3K - to prepare you for races between 2km - 4km