Swimfit Loyalty Program

Swim your way to happiness!

Become a Swimfit Loyalty Member and start saving points by joining Swimfit Group and Private Sessions!

Save points for every Swimfit Session you join to spend on new Funkita (for the ladies) or Funky Trunks (for the guys) gear.

The only thing you have to do is book your session, join the session and place your order at the end of the month directly with me.

It's as simple as that :)

What are you waiting for, start saving those $!

May Point Score

Check below how many points you have collected last month. Each point equals a $1 discount on Funkita or Funky Trunks gear.

Kali - 8 + 10 BONUS POINTS

Gabby - 7

Kelly - 7

Muriel - 6

Brad - 6

Liza - 6

Bridget - 5

David - 5 + 20 (Private Session Points)

Johanna - 5

Mel - 4

Emma - 4 + 5 (Video Analysis Points)

Louise - 4

Sharman - 4

Andrew - 3

Rubi - 3

Cam - 3

Jo - 3

Jen - 2

Tamara - 2 + 10 (Private Session Points)

Sarah - 1

Send through your order by Midday Monday 7 June to use your points!

Swimfit Group Session   

= 1 Point

Private Sessions or Group Video Analysis

= 5 Points

Private Video Analysis 

= 10 Points

1 Point = $1 Discount!   

How to join

  1. Become a Swimfit Member by clicking 'Join' at the top of the page

  2. Create your account with a password

  3. Book your next Swimfit Group or Private Session (make sure you are logged in when booking)

  4. Join the booked session

  5. Place your Funkita or Funky Trunks order with me before the first Monday of each month (email info@swimfitforlife.com with the links to the specific item and your size)

  6. Your saved $ will automatically be discounted from your order

Terms & Conditions. Points can only be accumulated over the 1 month and these points can only be used for the order on the first Monday of the next month. Points cannot be shared with or transferred to anyone else.