Swim your way to happiness

Swimfit makes you happy. Why?

1. We bring the fun back into swimming by coming up with different fun-filled swim session every time.

2. You get to checkout from your busy life for an hour and just swim... mindfully.

3. You get to meet like-minded people you otherwise never would've met.

4. You build confidence by learning new or improving on skills. When we get older we don't get to learn many new skills anymore.

5. Working out creates endorphins and endorphins make you feel good.

6. Swimming requires control of your breathing and mindful breathing is proven to make release tension and lower anxiety levels.

7. Because water is much denser than air, every movement you make in water strengthens your muscles. Feeling strong makes you feel good.

Do you want to swim your way to happiness?

Join Swimfit in Port Douglas, Palm Cove or online!

About Swimfit

Swimfit is a great way to get fit, no matter if you are a great swimmer or if you have not tried swimming as a form of exercise before.

You will have fun, meet like-minded people and as an added bonus you will also improve your swimming.


Swimfit caters for all fitness and swimming levels, ranging from beginners through to really good swimmers. Swimfit sessions are adapted to meet everyone's needs whilst still pushing you to improve.


When joining a Swimfit group session it doesn't mean that you have to keep up with other people in the group, everyone swims at their own level.

Swimfit is not about how fast or how far you swim, it is about getting fit, improving your swimming and having a great time with your new swim buddies.


Swimfit is a fun group of people doing what they enjoy.

  You are encouraged to set personal goals and Your Personal Coach Irene will help you to achieve them


Swimfit brings together passionate like minded people of all ages and walks of life and has grown to be a little supportive family of friends.


It's a place where we can share jokes and celebrate feeling good. 



What People Say

Karen, New Zealand

I have just had a week in Port Douglas and had a session almost every day. Irene is fantastic. She has a really good way of explaining what she wants you to do, and the sessions are fun as well. The improvement in one week has been huge. I will definitely be back.

Leanne, Cairns

Irene is amazing. The 3 hr video / technique classes have been awesome and my stroke and efficiency in the water has improved immensely with just 2 lessons. Irene teaches and explains things in an easy to understand, fun way and i love her sense of humour. Highly reccommend any of Irene's classes.

Chris, Melbourne

Excellent squad sessions - Irene coaches a great balance of technique, endurance and fitness. Great group of people too, and the location is hard to beat.

Upcoming Events
Swimfit Worldwide Swim for Life
Sun, Apr 26
Your Local Pool, Lake or Ocean
Apr 26, 12:01 AM – 11:59 PM GMT+10
Your Local Pool, Lake or Ocean
With most sporting events cancelled due to the Corona Virus we are hosting the Swimfit Worldwide Swim for Life to give everyone the motivation to keep living a healthy and happy life.