About Irene


Hi, my name is Irene

If your goal is to get fit, enjoy swimming and having fun while achieving this, you’ve come to the right place! It doesn't matter if you’re dreaming of being able to swim 4 laps in the pool without stopping or swimming 10km in the ocean, I am here to help you.

I am an AUSTSWM accredited swim coach with a Surf Life Saving Development Coaching award, over 5 years of coaching experience and a hell of a lot of enthusiasm to help you along your fitness journey.


Swim your way to happiness!

My love for swimming started when I joined my local swimming club when I was 5 years old. The competitive side of the sport but also the strong camaraderie within the club kept me swimming for the next 15 years.

When I was one of the little ones I loved watching the older kids swim and I remember wanting to be as good, or even better! Training went from a couple of times per week to every day with meets on the weekend.


Saying that I loved every minute of it would be a lie, but I do remember trying to sneak out of the house to make Monday morning training even though I wasn’t allowed to go (of course I don’t remember why!). Most kids would’ve taken this opportunity to enjoy a nice sleep in, but I was determined to get to training to get stronger and faster.

By the time I was one of the older kids I started teaching the younger ones how to swim and this made me realise that I love sharing and passing on my knowledge and love for swimming and helping others achieve their goals.

But then life happened… I started studying and swimming got put on the back burner, or should I say swimming became non-existent? I loved student life and unfortunately this left no time for swimming. Every now and then I used to jump in the pool, but of course this never felt great after months of no swimming or other training. You can only imagine how I felt after 15 years of swimming to now all of a sudden no swimming at all.

Years later I decided it was time to get fit, take control of my life and feel amazing again!

So I started off with signing up to the gym and having a close look at my eating habits. It was a good start but looking back now there was so much to learn about fitness and nutrition.


I started this journey thinking it was all about losing 5 or 10kg and I would feel amazing, but along the way I learned a lot by researching the internet and training with some great coaches and other people on their own journeys and now know it’s about so much more than losing weight.

I now know that swimming is my way of getting fit and feeling awesome. It always has and it will always be!


That amazing feeling after a good swim session is what keeps me coming back to the pool. If you're a swimmer, you know exactly what I mean.

There is probably still a lot to learn about fitness, nutrition and myself but I am at a point in my life where I am happy in my own skin and I would love for you to feel the same!

I started Swimfit back in 2015 and have helped hundreds of swimmers to reach their personal swim and fitness goals. Little ones learning to blow bubbles, froggy kicks and swim bubble bubble breath, adults who are new to swimming learning from the basics and returning swimmers getting back into the pool, I simply love helping everyone swim their way to happiness!

I would love to help you reach your personal goals. Get in contact with me and I would love to have a chat about how we can work together.