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Swim for Life 'Together' on Sunday 26 April! (Free Event)

With most sporting events cancelled due to the Corona Virus, lets swim 'together' to keep living a healthy & happy life. Having a date on the calendar gives you the motivation the train and with that upcoming race cancelled it can be hard to keep moving. Mark Sunday 26 April on your calendar and lets stick 'together' to promote healthy living and mental health.

We sign up to races to keep us motivated to train, but really the big deep down 'why' we sign up is because we want to live a healthy and happy life. Completing a race is just icing on the cake.

Unfortunately I have noticed some messages on Facebook from people who feel lost without their upcoming race and are not sure why they're training now. I would like to give you a goal again with the Swimfit Worldwide Swim for Life on Sunday 26 April.

Register now for the 500m, 1.5km or 3km Swim and complete this in your local pool, ocean or lake on Sunday 26 April and you will receive a certificate to hang on your wall or share on your socials!

Click here to register for the FREE Swimfit Worldwide Swim for Life.

After you register for the event follow Swimfit for Life on Strava and post your swim on your Strava account on April 26. All results will be posted on our website and we will send you a certificate via email to show off. Just like a real life event!

Having this date circled on your calendar will give you a goal again and the motivation to keep training.

Let's stick together in this weird moment in time and help each other to keep living a healthy and happy life. Register for the Swimfit Worldwide Swim for Life now and get training!




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