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Ever wondered why your goggles fog up? (and what the hell can we do about it?)

We've all been there... You get stuck into a great swim set but your bloody goggles are fogging up again. And this time you even bought the more expensive goggles that said 'anti-fog' on them. Fogging goggles! It's a real swimmers issue and if you are experiencing this at least take this compliment, you are a real swimmer :) But why do goggles fog up and what can we do about it? Keep on reading my friend!

Goggles fog up due to the temperature difference between the outside and inside of the goggles. From the outside the goggles are cooled by the water, but from the inside the heated up by the heat of your face. This temperature difference creates little drops of water which is the fog stuck on the inside of your goggles.

Even though we can't change anything about the underlying issue, there is a few things we can do to limit your goggles from fogging up. Good, because we all like to see where we're going and of course when the clock hits the next 'red top'.

1. Buy new anti-fog goggles for every swim

I have jockinly said a few time 'When I'm rich I will buy new goggles for every swim!', because we all know that the anti-fog promised on the label of your new goggles only last for a couple of swims. There is no such thing as anti-fog goggles for life!

The thin anti-fog layer inside the goggles either absorbs the water or repels any water trying to attach, which results in a beautiful no-foggy goggles, clear swim. Which works perfectly for a few swims, but unfortunately that's where it ends.

Even though this thin layer will deteriorate, there is a few things you can do to prolong your fog free swims:

1. Don't touch the inside of your goggles with your fingers or a towel

2. Wash the chlorine off your goggles with fresh water after each swim

3. Put your goggles in a protective case when chucking them in your swim bag

2. Spit in your goggles

Now I know this doesn't sound sexy, but spitting in your goggles and rubbing it in the inside of the lenses creates a thin layer that repels fog. I prefer this because it doesn't irritate my eyes and it's easily done in the middle of a swim set. You don't even have to take your goggle off, just move them in front of your mouth, give them a little lick, rinse it off in the pool and voila, you're ready for another fast 100 without crashing into another swimmer.

3. Hair conditioner or...

If you are more organised that me and don't like to spit in your goggles, maybe try hair conditioner instead. Simply put a bit of conditioner inside your goggles, rub it in and rinse it off under the tap. This can also be done with dishwashing liquid, baby shampoo or shaving cream. These all do the same trick, but please be careful with irritating your eyes. Always give them a good rinse under the tap before putting them on.

4. Embrace the fogginess

I sometimes realise in the middle of training that my goggles are actually super foggy, but it hasn't bothered me at all. I can get so focussed on the swim set that just seeing a blurry black line is all I need. All the distractions around me like other swimmers and things happening around the pool get blurred out and that's just the way I like it. It's easier to get in the zone when you take away all distractions, give it a try next time!

If you have any other anti-fog tips or tricks please comment below to share the love.


Coach Irene



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