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Facing your fear of water with Monika Bogusz

Monika travelled to Port Douglas for work, but as she arrived in our beautiful paradise she quickly realised that her fear of water was going to hold her back from enjoying life in Far North Queensland to the fullest.

Read her story below and be inspired by how Monika has overcome her fear of water and learned to swim.

Monika says: ‘When you are in such a beautiful place, surrounded by water, you want to enjoy all of this to the fullest. I was seeing people jumping in the water, having fun and enjoying their holidays. This made me realise I would like to get over my fear of water and do the same.’

‘I used to be scared of the water and never went deeper than my waist. I didn't think I could ever swim to the other side of the pool, or it would take thousands of swimming lessons.’

‘I come from a small town in Poland where there was never really any water around. Then one day, I would’ve been about 10 years old, we went on a school trip to the local swimming pool. Someone kindly tried to teach me to swim but I choked on water, nearly drowned and since then I have never come back to the water.’

‘I was offered an opportunity to visit The Great Barrier Reef but wondered how I could go as I’m terrified of water. This is how the idea of swimming lessons started.’

‘I found the Swimfit website on Google and read some testimonials and Irene’s articles about swimming and I thought she knows what she's doing, and I wasn’t wrong!’

‘Little by little she encouraged me a tiny bit more, which made me think that maybe it wasn’t that scary and this could be doable. After each exercise in the water I got feedback which was really good. What I can do better and ideas and tips on how to improve my swimming. This made me focus on something different than being scared of water and imagining how I could drown.’

‘What made me get over my fear was that we were doing lots of different exercises. They each helped me to become a better swimmer, and more efficient. Irene gave me lots of puzzle pieces and instructed me how to make a beautiful picture. Every session I got new tools to help me feel better in the water. And all of this slowly pushed my fear away. It also helped that Irene is always right next to me and if anything would go wrong she will rescue me.’

‘I have learned how to get myself in the right body position and that the more calm and relax I am in the water the easier it is to swim. I know I can turn on my back if I would ever get tired and how to dolphin dive to avoid being hit by waves.’

‘I am so satisfied that I can now swim from one end of the pool to the other, which I couldn’t dream of only one month ago! Now counting my strokes and having fun in the pool is amazing! Jumping in the water with a big smile on my face, trying to bounce off the bottom, realising how funny it is that the water helps you to float and that you can actually push up from this liquid. Now I want to be in the water more as it makes me relaxed and I enjoy it! Swimming is a great exercise, after each Swimfit session I felt so good!’

‘My goal now is to comfortably swim in the ocean which I believe requires great skills and understanding of the water. I would like to also be able to do many laps in the pool with no stopping and be really comfortable with swimming and being in deep water.’

‘Now a new adventure begins! And Irene showed me how exciting it can be. Thank You!’

I hope Monika has inspired you to face your fears, may it be swimming or something totally different. It's my absolute passion to help people, like Monika, on their personal swimming journey and reach their goals, no matter how big or small.

If you are keen to face your fears and learn how to swim an easy and comfortable Freestyle, check out the FREE Beginners Guide to Swimming and the Foundations of Freestyle Online Program. Or if you are based in the Port Douglas area, book a Private Swimfit Session.





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