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'I am Swimfit for life'

My first ever blog... You might wonder why, well I feel like sharing with you why swimming is so important to me and how by realising this it can change yours forever.

The great feeling swimming gives you

You see, I have been swimming for as long as I can remember, from splashing in the little kids pool, to competing in the Dutch Championships and now ocean swimming. There has been a break for a few years where I just could not get myself to get even close to a lap pool and looking back I needed those years to realise how powerful swimming is for me.

For me it starts with the feeling of diving in the pool and those first few strokes; I feel how the water welcomes me. This feels slightly different every time I go for a swim, sometimes it feels refreshing, sometimes it might feel heavy or it is just what I needed after a busy day. No matter what my feeling is though, the water and I will be joining forces for the next hour or so and I know for a fact that I will feel happy, powerful and amazing after. It makes me wonder if the water feels the same... ;)


Swimming, might it be in a pool or the ocean,

simply makes me happy.


Sunrise on the way to an ocean swim

And during the swim there is all those, sometimes little, moments of pure joy. You know what I'm talking about right? The obvious ones are beating your time or swimming further than ever. But what about that one stroke where you feel extra powerful or that fastest ever split second tumble turn or feeling that wave slightly picking you up and dropping you off right on the beach. Sometimes it's those little things that can lift my spirit for hours after.

The one feeling that is the same in every sport is that a-ma-zing feeling right after finishing a training session. That feeling that just makes me want to smile and gives me energy to attack whatever life brings me. How could anyone live, enjoy and make most out of life without feeling THAT? The interesting fact is that the harder I work in my training session, the more pain I feel while completing it, the higher the high afterworths.

While writing this I just can't stop thinking about how the above moments and feelings are the same in our day-to-day life, think about it...

And this is exactly why I started this blog, because I feel by sharing with you what swimming does for me we can all learn about making most out of life.


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