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How a Video Analysis will make you a better swimmer

Have you ever wondered why the walls of a gym are covered in mirrors? No it's not actually to admire your big muscles and six pack... It's to make sure your doing your exercises the right way! You can see yourself in the mirror lifting weights or doing your Zumba moves so you know straight away if you're doing them right, or not!

Now lets translate this to a pool situation where the only we stare at is the black line we're swimming over. There is no way you can see if your entry is right above your shoulders, your legs are high up in the water or your doing that illusive catch right.

If you're lucky you swim wth a Swim Coach who gives you tips on how to improve your stroke. Bend your elbow more, look down, high elbow over the water, rotate your body and the list goes on. In swimming there will always be something to work on, there is always improvements to be made. This is a great thing as it means we can always get faster and more efficient, but unfortunately for many swimmers this turns into a world of hurt as they feel they never get it 'right'.

I am happy to let you know there is a solution and it's called a Video Analysis. We will video your stroke from different angles which will give you a full insight into what exactly you do under and above the water, and more importantly what you can do to improve your swimming.

All you will have to do a swim up and down the pool a few times while I follow you with my GoPro, easy as that! After we've got all the shots we sit down and look at your strokes in normal pace and slow motion, which gives us a perfect inside into what you're doing at the moment.

We need to know what you'e doing at the moment to know what you can work on to become a better swimmer. There is no point in just doing drills you found online and hope this will help. This would be like trying to fix your car without knowing what causes the funny noise it makes, and deciding to just replace the windscreen wipers in the hope this will help. Ok, this might be a bit far fetched, but you know what I'm getting at :)

It is crucial to see what you're doing right and wrong at the moment to be able to make you a better swimmer.

Base don the videos we'll decide on 2 or 3 things you will be working on over the next few months. Yes months... all good things take time. We will run through a few drills to make you aware of this issues and give you a feel of what the movement should be like so you can work on this by yourself knowing when you're doing it right.

I will advice you what to do in your swim sessions and how to do a warm up that will set you up for a great swim set.

If you've been stabbing in the dark when it comes to your swim technique and you feel like you're just not getting it right, consider booking a Video Analysis to get a better picture of what you're doing and how to improve. Click here for more information


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