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4 Things we're all looking forward to when getting back in the pool

After being away from the pool for way to long there is 4 things we are all looking forward to. That first swim back in the refreshing water is going to be a very special one. Even triathletes who have never enjoyed swimming have admitted to be looking forward to this moment. We know it's big when triathletes look forward to a swim!

So what are we all looking forward to? I've asked around and it seems like this is the top 4 of happy thoughts running through our minds when thinking about that first swim back in the pool.

1. The feeling of being in the water

That first dive, jump or push off in the pool where we'll glide through the water will feel like the warm hug we've been missing for so long. All swimmers will agree that the water makes us feel good and being reunited with our best friend will be a very special moment.

It is impossible to describe to a non-swimmer what it feels like to be one with the water and work together to glide from one end of the pool to the other, lap after lap, set after set. You don't fight the water, you work with it, from the moment you realise and feel this everything about swimming changes.

2. Being reunited with your swim buddies

Your swim buddies are the ones who motivate you through the hard sets, cheer for you when you swim a new PB and love a chat at the post-swim coffee catch up. Even though we can't talk while swimming we make up for before training, in between sets after a swim.

Our bond gets stronger every time we get through a tough swim set together. We share the good and bad times and are always there for each other when we need it most.

Of course we are also the first ones we give each other sh*t when toes are touched a bit too much, swim the set wrong even though Coach explained it 3 times (and now we all have to do it all over again), but always with a smile!

3. Getting back in a routine

Swim training used the be the one certainty in our weekly schedule. Rain, hail or shine, swim training would be on! The same days each week, same times, we were all there at the pool. Something very important would have to happen if we'd decide we can't make it for training.

It will be so good to have this routine back and know that your Coach will be there with another 'great' set to entertain you for the next hour or so. The only thing you have to worry about is showing up on time (don't risk being late and having to swim butterfly to make up for it!) and be ready to push your limits.

Everything else in life will be planned around the swim training, cause that's how we do life.

4. That post swim high!

We all know that awesome feeling after a tough swim set, this is what we call the post swim high.

There is really no other way to get this feeling than pushing your limits in the pool. All your muscles are burning, your lungs feel like they're about to collapse and your heart rate might be back to normal in about 5 hours time.

This is the feeling that makes us come back for me every time. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner swimmer or an Olympic Champion, after an hour or so of pure focus and dedication to being the best we can, this is the ultimate reward we all receive.

If you weren't excited yet about returning to the pool, you will definitely be pumped now for that first splash. Let's just keep our fingers crossed this will be soon.

This is number 1 of a series of blogs to get you ready to get back into swimming, the following blogs will follow over the next few days:

  • What not to do when getting back in the pool

  • Let's get back to the basics

  • What ca you do now to get yourself ready?

  • Get the swim bag ready!

  • How to safely enjoy your swims back in the pool

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PS. To coach you through the first weeks back in the pool, I have prepared a 4-Week back to Swimfit Program with drills and training sessions to make you feel good. For more information and to sign up click here.



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