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Home Workout #2

Following up on yesterdays Swimfit Home Workout I am sharing a second workout with you today. More inspiration for workouts in your own backyard pool to stay fit in isolation!

Swimfit Home Workout #2

Warm Up – 5 laps of mix strokes

1 x

[1 lap butterfly kicks

1 lap backstroke kicks

1 lap breaststroke kicks

1 lap freestyle kicks

1min rest]

2 x

[1 lap butterfly

1 lap backstroke (kicks)

1 lap breaststroke

1 lap freestyle

1min rest]

1 lap butterfly/3 laps freestyle

1 lap freestyle/1 lap backstroke/2 laps freestyle

2 laps freestyle/1 lap breaststroke/1 lap freestyle

4 laps freestyle (last lap fast)

Cool Down – 5 laps of mix stroked

Check out the video below for a demonstration of the different exercises.

Enjoy your workout!




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