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7 Reasons swimming should be part of your fitness routine

We all want to be fitter, stronger and feel better about ourselves, but how can we achieve this?

My biggest tip is to find a way of exercise you love doing. Getting fit shouldn't feel like a chore you dread doing. Instead find sports and activities you look forward to doing. Like a walk with friends exploring new areas, water activities like stand up paddle boarding, kayaking or swimming (of course be careful during stinger season) or join a team sport and get to know new people.

Below I have listed 7 reasons why Swimfit should be part of your fitness routine. There is so many health benefits to swimming, all perfect to reach your health and fitness goals!

1. Swimming is for everyone!

All you need is a swimsuit and goggles for a great workout. You might already be able to swim or you might need some help, but everyone can learn the basics of swimming to be able to have an enjoyable time in the pool. Even if you are recovering from an injury, pregnant, unfit or an Ironman, a swim session designed with your personal needs in mind will give you the perfect work out.

2. Swimming provides an all-body workout

Because water is much denser than air, every movement made underwater gives you a far greater workout compared to land based exercise. And because there are 4 different strokes, using all your muscles (yes, also the ones you never knew existed!), you’re guaranteed a total-body workout.

3. Swimming burns sh*t-loads of calories

Because you use all your muscles during a swim session and the constant pressure the water gives you, you burn way more calories swimming than any other sport. Swimfit sessions are designed to challenge and push you while having fun in the pool. There will be sessions focusing on long distance, other times it will be short sprints and sometimes a combination of the two for a super calorie burning boost.

4. Swimming is fun!

I started Swimfit to make swimming fun again. Yes sometimes we will swim quite a few laps, but we will also have a laugh in between! Nothing too serious, just a bunch of awesome people enjoying a fun workout in the pool. Every session is different, and who says we can only swim? Synchronised swimming, water polo and strength exercises in the pool have all been spotted at Swimfit.

5. A good mood is only a swim away

Exercise in general is proven to boost our mood, but swimming specifically has all the elements of making you feel awesome. Endorphins will be flying through your body after a calorie burning full-body workout, add to that the mindfulness created by being underwater by yourself and your thoughts alone, the social aspect of swimming with other people and a good mood will be there waiting for you.

6. Swimming helps you excel in other sports

Because you’re underwater most of the time while swimming, your body will improve the use of oxygen which means swimming increases your endurance capacity like crazy! So, if you are hoping to finish a half-marathon or triathlon make sure you include some swimming in your training routine. It is proven that swimming with controlled breathing techniques improves your running performance, plus swimming trains your glutes, hamstrings, your core and your shoulders—all of which are needed for improved running performance needed in a range of sports.

7. Swimming gives you the confidence to do awesome things!

By learning the basics of swimming your water confidence will rise through the roof. So be warned, you will start dreaming about going diving, jumping off boats for a refreshing dip in the ocean and any other water activities you might not feel comfortable doing just now. All of a sudden your life will not just involve land based fun and getting your hair wet doesn’t just happen in the shower.

Join Swimfit Group Sessions in Port Douglas or Palm Cove, or start with a few private sessions to increase your water confidence. Click here for more information on available Swimfit sessions in Port Douglas, or click here for Swimfit sessions in Palm Cove.


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