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Endurance Session #187

Start with an easy warm-up including choice and Freestyle, followed by a few 100's or 50's mixing a drill of your choice with a smooth and easy freestyle. Pick a drill that is uncomfortable for you, as this is the one that you will get the most out of. If you're looking for some inspiration click here.

Now you're all warmed up and set up with good technique, let's get into the main set. Every level is doing 3 rounds of the set, and we're descending each round. This means that the first set of kick, pull and Freestyle is easy, the second round is at a moderate pace and the last one is fast. If you can, time yourself to make sure you actually go faster when you put more effort in. Sometimes we try harder, but lose our technique and don't actually go faster. This set is a great opportunity to see if this happens to you. Have fun and finish strong!


Warm up: 50 Choice / 200 Free x 4

8 x 100 (50 Choice Drill / 50 Freestyle Smooth) - 10sec rest

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