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Medley Session #201

In today's Medley Session we focus on performing a good kick first, followed by swimming the whole stroke and finishing with Freestyle.

Start with the usual SKIPS warm up first, doing either 200, 100 or 50 of each.

In the main set, we start with 4 x 75 broken up in 25 kick, 25 stroke and 25 Freestyle, or 4 x 50 broken up in 12.5 kick, 12.5 stroke and 25 Freestyle. We go through this 4 times, so you get to do one of each stroke. The first one will be Butterfly, the second Backstroke, the third Breaststroke and the last one all Freestyle.

We then step it up and double the distances for the next part of round 1. This first round is all done at an easy pace, and good focus on your technique of each stroke.

The Advanced and Intermediate sessions go through this one more time, but this time it's fast! Go hard and give it your all!

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