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Speed Session #200

This session is based on your Goal Distance Pace. If you've done the 15min Benchmark swim the other day, calculate your average 100 Pace in this swim. Now take about 5 - 10 seconds off this time to determine your Goal Distance Pace. As we'll be swimming 50's today, just half your goal pace for this set.

After an easy warm up and a bit of sculling to improve your feel of the water, we're going straight into the main set. Starting off with a number of 50's where you aim to hit your Goal Pace + 10 seconds. This will be an easy pace, so enjoy this round and really focus on your technique.

The next round is done at your goal pace + 5 seconds, which will be a good effort pace, probably about 80% effort. Keep focusing on your technique and don't lose your from.

The last round is done at your Goal Pace. Try to hit as many as you can at this pace, with 20 seconds rest in between. If you don't make your time for one, give yourself an extra 30sec rest to set yourself up for another good one at your Goal Pace. This round will be tough, but keep your goal in mind and push hard!

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