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How to spice up your Swim Set in 35 ways (#13 nearly killed me!)

My birthday is not complete without a good Birthday Swim and as I turned 35 last Friday I decided it would be a 35 x 50 Main Set. I didn't want it to be a boring swim, so I came up with an interested way to spice it up. There is so much fun to be had in the pool, let me share some ideas with you!

Deciding on 35 x 50 was the easy part. Totalling to 1,750 plus a warm up and cool down would make it just over 2km, the perfect distance for a fun Birthday Swim Session in the tropical Far North Queensland heat. Now what are we going to do for all these 50's?

Without a full strategy we started our usual 400m warm up, but I knew the dreaded question would be hitting me soon after... What are we gonna do? Surprising myself this is what came out of my mouth: We're all going to come up with something to do for each 50, and no double ups!

The below list is what we collectively came up with. It started off pretty tame and simple but after a few 50's the creativity started to rise. I'm sharing the set to hopefully give you some ideas to spice up your next swim. Birthday or no birthday, we should always have a little fun!

Irene's 35 x 50 Birthday Fun Set

#1. Freestyle Kick

#2. Backstroke

#3. Pull

#4. Butterfly

#5. Freestyle w 1 Burpee at the end

#6. Freestyle Build

#7. Double Recovery Freestyle Drill

#8. IM Order (12.5m of each stroke)

#9. Touch Board

#10. Scull (12.5m of each scull position)

#11. Freestyle w 5 Push Ups at the end

#12. 25 Freestyle Build/25 Freestyle Reverse Build

#13. Dolphin Dives (keep going through the deep end)

#14. Freestyle w 10 Push Ups at the end

#15. Reverse IM (12.5m of each stroke)

#16. Freestyle with a summersault every 5 strokes

#17. 5 strokes IM order

#18. Breaststroke

#19. Underwater as far as you can / Freestyle Sprint to end

#20. 25 Freestyle with right arm / 25 Freestyle with left arm

#21. Freestyle breath 1/5

#22. Breaststroke with extra kick

#23. 25 Freestyle Fast / 25 Freestyle Easy

#24. Fingerdrag Freestyle Drill

#25. 25 Freestyle Sprint / Underwater as far as you can

#26. Freestyle breath 1/7

#27. 25 Freestyle Easy / 25 Freestyle Fast

#28. Backstroke Kick

#29. Freestyle breath 1/2, 1/3, 1.4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/7, 1/8, 1/9, 1/10

#30. HVO (First 10 strokes fast freestyle no breathing / rest easy)

#31. Survival Backstroke

#32. Freestyle - Least strokes possible

#33. Kick hard with arms helping next to your hips

#34. Handstand walk as far as you can / Butterfly 3 right arm, 3 left arm, 3 both arms

#35. Freestyle SPRINT!

The whole set took us about an hour and as the title of this blog mentioned, #13 nearly killed me (and it was my idea). The deeper the pool gets the longer you have to hold your breath and the harder you need to work to get to the bottom and jump all the way up again, I had no idea....

I reckon this might turn into a Birthday Tradition, so if you have any other ideas please comment below as we'll have to come up with 36 next year!





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